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Myriad business students advance to state contest

Myriad business students advance to state contest
Posted on 01/26/2022
CSHS BPA State Qualifiers

A total of 58 A&M Consolidated and College Station High School Business Professionals of America students advanced to the state contest by placing at regionals.

In addition to those advancing to state, several more students are alternates should the state qualifier not be able to attend and placed in open event contests.

AMCHS sophomore Amy Chae was installed as the 2022-23 Regional President and was sworn in by outgoing Regional President and AMCHS senior Rebecca Kumar.  

The BPA State Leadership Conference will be held in Fort Worth, March 2-5, 2022. 

The BPA advisors are Chenika Brooks (CSHS), Terri Casto (AMCHS), Dawson Deere (AMCHS), Kathy Fisher (AMCHS) and Dennis Rhodes (CSHS).

AMCHS BPA state qualifiers CSHS BPA state Qualifiers

A complete list of qualifiers, alternates and open event contest winners are below.

State Qualifiers / Alternates (alt)

  • Lena Abdelwahed, CSHS - Prepared Speech (alt)
  • Lujein Abdelwahed, CSHS - Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications
  • Darsh Amin, CSHS  - Integrated Office Applications, Economic Research Team
  • Sophia Aregullin, AMCHS - Global Marketing Team
  • Garin Artzberger, CSHS - Economic Research Team, Economic Research (alt)
  • Quinn Buchanan, CSHS - Ethics & Professionalism,  Economic Research Team
  • Konnor Buckhaults, CSHS - Small Business Management Team (alt), Fundamental Accounting
  • Amy Chae, AMCHS - Health Administration Procedures, Small Business Management Team
  • Emily Chen, AMCHS - Human Resource Management, Small Business Management Team
  • Wyatt Cox, AMCHS - Global Marketing Team, Business Law & Ethics
  • William Crick, CSHS - Fundamental Accounting
  • Evelin Cruz, AMCHS - Global Marketing Team
  • Sama Deeb, CSHS - Presentation Management Team
  • Louis Denolan, CSHS - Entrepreneurship (alt)
  • Ahyaan Dhuka, CSHS - Presentation Management Team (alt), Digital Media Production (alt)
  • Reni Dhuka, CSHS - Fundamental Word Processing
  • Ally Duan, AMCHS - Financial Analyst Team, Fundamental Accounting
  • Muzil Ebrahim, CSHS - Global Marketing Team (alt)
  • Shawn Gao, CSHS - Extemporaneous Speech (alt), Financial Analyst Team
  • Prabhav Gautam, CSHS - Presentation Management Team (alt)
  • Armaan Gilani, CSHS - Payroll Accounting
  • Joseph Ha, AMCHS - Financial Analyst Team, Human Resource Management (alt)
  • Mariana Hajali, CSHS  - Graphic Design Promotion
  • Alina Husseing, CSHS - Small Business Management, Economic Research
  • Karina Ji, AMCHS - Extemporaneous Speech
  • Andrew Kim, CSHS - Economic Research
  • Eugene Kim, CSHS - Financial Analyst Team
  • Caleb Kimmel, CSHS - Presentation Management Team, Human Resource Management (alt)
  • Bon Koo, CSHS - Extemporaneous Speech (alt)
  • Rachel Kumar, AMCHS - Legal Office Procedures, Administrative Support Team
  • Rebecca Kumar, AMCHS - Administrative Support Team, Basic Office Systems & Procedures
  • Nico Ladendorf, AMCHS - Python Programming
  • Bianca Lasanga-Coloma, CSHS - Presentation Management Team
  • Hayoung Lee, AMCHS - Personal Financial Management, Financial Analyst Team
  • Gates Leftwich, CSHS - Podcast Production Team
  • Rilynn Lewis, CSHS – Health Administration Procedures, Podcast Production Team
  • Annie Li, CSHS - Presentation Management Team (alt), Digital Media Production (alt)
  • Forest Lu, AMCHS - C++ Programming, Economic Research Team
  • Alina Maknojia, AMCHS - Website Design Team, Personal Financial Management
  • Aliza Maknojia, AMCHS - Website Design Team, Intermediate Word Processing
  • Ahad Maknojiya, CSHS - Small Business Management Team (alt)
  • Amiqu Maknojiya, CSHS - Small Business Management Team (alt)
  • Aruf Maknojiya, CSHS - Small Business Management Team (alt)
  • Arzil Maredia, CSHS - Presentation Management, Global Marketing Team (alt)
  • Faiz Maredia, CSHS - Global Marketing Team (alt), Podcast Production Team (alt)
  • Katie McCaskill, AMCHS - Global Marketing Team
  • Areeba Momin, CSHS  - Advanced Spreadsheet Applications
  • Aymaan Momin, CSHS - Global Marketing Team (alt), Intermediate Word Processing
  • Anika Nepal, CSHS - Presentation Management Team (alt), Fundamental Word Processing
  • Iqra Noorani, CSHS - Small Business Management Team (alt)
  • Gideon Ong, AMCHS - Business Law & Ethics, Economic Research Team
  • Siri Parchuri, CSHS - Java Programming
  • Derek Pham, CSHS - Advanced Word Processing, Financial Analyst Team
  • Raisa Prasla, AMCHS - Website Design Team, Advanced Spreadsheet Applications
  • Thiago Ruiz, CSHS - Small Business Management Team (alt)
  • Sanni Saari, CSHS - Prepared Speech
  • Adarsh Samnani, AMCHS - Website Design Team, Fundamental Word Processing
  • Hannah Sanchez, AMCHS - Financial Analyst Team, Banking & Finance
  • Jean Seo, CSHS - Presentation Management (alt), Podcast Production Team (alt)
  • Rachael Shao, CSHS - Presentation Management Team (alt), Ethics & Professionalism
  • Boya Shi, CSHS - Prepared Speech (alt)
  • Yashashvi Singh, CSHS - Podcast Production Team, Entrepreneurship (alt)
  • Arfra Sunesara, , CSHS - Podcast Production Team (alt)
  • Surya Sunkari, CSHS  - Java Programming, Financial Analyst Team
  • Kayley Sze, AMCHS - C++ Programming, Administrative Support Team
  • Aleena Tariq, CSHS - Presentation Management Team (alt), Business Law & Ethics
  • Erina Tejani, CSHS - Fundamental Word Processing
  • Aiyrub Umatiya, CSHS - Presentation Management Team (alt), Computer Network Technology
  • Aliayn Umatiya, CSHS - Presentation Management Team (alt), Interview Skills
  • Jeffrey Wang, CSHS - Entrepreneurship, Economic Research Team
  • Will Wang, AMCHS - Java Programming
  • Abigail Wilson, AMCHS - Economic Research Team
  • Isbaelle Wong, CSHS - Human Resource Management
  • Abigail Yao, AMCHS - Small Business Management Team, Banking & Finance
  • Fariha Zahid, AMCHS - Administrative Support Team, Health Administration Procedures (alt)

In addition, the following students placed in open event contests, which are tests students can take for recognition but are not eligible for advancement to state competition.

Administrative Support Concepts

  • Alina Maknojia, AMCHS - 1st Place
  • Raisa Prasla, AMCHS - 2nd Place

Business Communication Skills Concepts

  • Raisa Prasla, AMCHS - 1st Place
  • Erina Tejani, CSHS - 3rd Place
  • Alina Maknojia, AMCHS - 4th Place

Business Fundamentals Concepts

  • Erina Tejani, CSHS - 2nd Place
  • Alina Maknojia, AMCHS - 3rd Place
  • Aliza Maknojia, AMCHS - 4th Place

Business Math Concepts

  • Erina Tejani, CSHS - 1st Place
  • Aliza Maknojia, AMCHS - 2nd Place

Business Meeting Management Concepts

  • Raisa Prasla, AMCHS - 1st Place

Computer Literacy Concepts

  • Adarsh Samnani, AMCHS - 4th Place

Computer Programming Concepts

  • Will Wang, AMCHS - 2nd Place
  • Nico Ladendorf, AMCHS - 3rd Place

Digital Communication & Design Concepts

  • Raisa Prasla, AMCHS - 4th Place

Digital Marketing Concepts

  • Adarsh Samnani, AMCHS - 1st Place

Information Technology Concepts

  • Adarsh Samnani, AMCHS - 3rd Place

Medical Terminology Concepts

  • Fariha Zahid, AMCHS - 3rd Place
  • Raisa Prasla, AMCHS - 4th Place
  • Rilynn Lewis, CSHS - 8th Place

Project Management Concepts

  • Alina Maknojia, AMCHS - 3rd Place
  • Raisa Prasla, AMCHS - 4th Place

Management, Marketing and Human Resources Concepts

  • Erina Tejani, CSHS - 4th Place


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