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Research Request Guidelines

Anyone wishing to access College Station ISD resources to conduct research studies must obtain approval from the College Station ISD Research Request Review Committee (CSRRC).

The following describes the general principles underlying the review process and the procedure to follow in submitting a research proposal for review. Research request should have clear, direct, and immediate benefit to the district. In CSISD, the research process is viewed as a partnership where both the researcher(s) and the district receive benefit from research. Please know that CSISD is limited in the ability to provide access to student data. Please understand that CSISD can only accommodate requests for data that do not involve merging of data from different sources or across multiple school years. 

The information outlined below is not all inclusive but does cover the main considerations of the committee when reviewing research requests. 

  • The CSRRC receives many requests for research and its capacity to accommodate all of them is limited.  Therefore, the CSRRC will use its discretion in determining which research activities will be approved in CSISD. 
  • The CSRRC must recognize a value to participating in proposed research.  CSRRC expects to be furnished with copies of any final reports or relevant findings.
  • No instructional time can be used for research activities.  All research interventions planned to take place during regular instructional time must be approved by CSISD as standard curriculum.  
  • The CSRRC is NOT an Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Human Subjects Review Board (HSRB).  The CSRRC convenes after the researcher(s) has completed the university process for research and the researcher(s) have submitted the request for review to the IRB or HRSB as appropriate.
  • To ensure CSRRC oversight and centralization of project management, researchers should not contact individual principals, teachers, staff, etc. about research planning or coordination.  Researchers should not contact building staff prior to submitting a research request to the CSRRC.

To submit a request:

In order to be considered by the CSRRC, the research request must include the following:

  • description of the research protocol, goals, objectives, outcomes, and intended uses of data
  • IRB or HSRB complete application listing all components of the IRB or HSRB application requirements, information provided to the IRB or HSRB and approval from the IRB or HSRB, or pending approval upon a partnership with a research site/district
  • appropriate consent/assent materials 
  • any surveys, questionnaires, test forms, interview protocols, and any other instruments to be used as well as expectations of how to administer survey/interview tools and collection of data
  • The CSRRC reserves the right to request more information from the researcher(s) beyond what is listed here if the committee needs more information to render a decision of granting or denying access to CSISD for research requests.

Please submit your request, meeting the criteria listed above to the CSRRC Chair, Jeff Mann, at [email protected].  Once submissions are made, the primary researcher will receive a response from the committee chair to the email in which the request was submitted with a timeline for a response or further information being requested.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the committee chair, Jeff Mann 

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