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56 students earn MS all-region orchestra

56 students earn middle school all-region orchestra
Posted on 02/11/2022

A total of 56 musicians from College Station ISD middle and intermediate schools recently earned a chair in the Texas Music Educators Association All-Region 8 Middle School Orchestra.

The students performed excerpts from prepared pieces before a blind judging panel.

All Region 8 Middle School Orchestra (56)

Caroline Beatty, Viola, AMCMS
Milo Blum, Violin, AMCMS
Gunnar Burris, Viola, AMCMS
Aiden Byrnes, Cello, WMS
Travis Castro, Violin, CSMS
Luis Chavez, Bass, AMCMS
Thomas, Chen, Violin, WMS
Gabriella Chiang, Violin, CSMS
Chloe Choi, Violin, AMCMS
Haydon Davis, Viola, AMCMS
Tyler Fagan, Viola, AMCMS
Justin Green, Bass, AMCMS
Alicia Gu, Violin, AMCMS
Noel Hromas, Violin, WMS
Jerry Hsieh, Violin, CSMS
Matthew Hunter, Cello, AMCMS
Candice Inguillo, Violin, CSMS
Ethan Jiang, Viola, CSMS
Hyunwoo Jin, Violin, CSMS
Joy Jung, Cello, CSMS
Yunus Karaman, Cello, AMCMS
Ethan Kim, Cello, AMCMS
Gaya Kulatilaka, Violin, Pecan Trail
Jaden Kwok, Violin, WMS
Ariana Larsen, Violin, CSMS
Eunice Lee, Viola, CSMS
Serena Lee, Cello, WMS
Su Liu, Cello, CSMS
Brighton Liu, Violin, Cypress Grove
Logan Luce, Cello, AMCMS
Milo Motekaitis, Violin, CSMS
Neal Pang, Bass, CSMS
Hans Park, Viola, WMS
Ansur Riera-Vales, Violin, WMS
Nini Roa, Violin, WMS
Michael Rudolph, Viola, AMCMS
Isabella Ruffino, Violin, AMCMS
Ruby Schloss, Bass, AMCMS
Natalie Schoeneck, Violin, AMCMS
Starla Shuai, Violin, Pecan Trail
Sarah Snelson, Cello, AMCMS
Elizaveta Sokolova, Violin, AMCMS
Emma Tisch, Viola, AMCMS
Jonah Tomberlin, Bass, CSMS
Stefan Tower, Violin, AMCMS
Max Tower, Violin, AMCMS
Evelyn Walker, Violin, AMCMS
Eric Wang, Violin, WMS
Ethan Wang, Violin, AMCMS
Irvin Wang, Violin, CSMS
George White, Bass, AMCMS
Lexa Wienen, Viola, AMCMS
Jake Wilson, Cello, AMCMS
Kade Witt, Violin, AMCMS
Nathaniel Wood, Cello, AMCMS
Michael Wu, Cello, AMCMS


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