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Success, Each Life...Each Day...Each Hour

Leadership Definition

CSISD Leadership Definition

In College Station ISD we believe that 

  • The purpose of education is to develop productive citizens
  • Educators and students can be lifelong learners that are excited to engage in learning together
  • Relationships and communication are driving forces in education
  • Critical thinking, real-world problem solving and engaged learning are critical to learners’ success
  • The skillful use of technology can enhance learning experiences

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In order for our beliefs to become our reality, we have defined the leadership that is necessary for our district to meet our vision of Success, Each Life… Each Day… Each Hour.  When the leaders at every level of our system strive to Achieve Success, work to Build Community, and endeavors to Cultivate Growth we will see our students and staff exude our beliefs. 

Each of the three categories consist of competencies that have been identified as what leaders need to be able to demonstrate as a part of their leadership practice.  Image

Role Specific Behaviors & Evidence of Impact

To understand what it looks like to put each of the leadership competencies into practice, understand the leadership expectations for each role, and to have a guide for how staff can exemplify each of the leadership competencies, we have created role specific behaviors and evidence of impact for the different levels of leadership. These role specific behaviors were created with leaders at the level of the work to be completed, as well as with leaders that supervise the level of the work that is completed. The evidence impact demonstrates examples of outcomes from each of the different leadership behaviors. This work is ongoing, and as more of the leadership role specific behaviors are created for the different roles in CSISD, they will be added here. 

CSISD Principal Role Specific Behaviors & Evidence of Impact


CSISD Assistant Principal Role Specific Behaviors & Evidence of Impact 

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