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What is the Teacher Incentive Allotment?

Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) is a component of HB3, dedicated to recruiting, supporting and retaining highly effective teachers in all schools, with particular emphasis on high need and rural schools. Districts, if they choose to, can develop a local designation system and designate high-performing teachers (Master, Exemplary or Recognized).


Districts will receive additional funding ($3,000-$32,000 per year) for every designated teacher they employ. Districts will receive greater funding for designated teachers who work on rural and/or high needs campuses. At least 90% of TIA funds must be used on teacher compensation on the campus where the designated teacher works. Texas Education Agency (TEA), in partnership with Texas Tech University, will approve the local designation systems.


How was the TIA designation system developed in CSISD?

A committee of teachers, campus and district administrators and board members was formed in fall 2020. This team, which  included representation from various levels, campuses and teaching assignments, met five times over the course of four months during the 2020-21 school year to develop a TIA system. The College Station ISD TIA designation system meets the requirements of state statute, while aligning with our districts’ goals for student achievement, teacher recruitment, and teacher retention.


Who is eligible for TIA in CSISD?

The CSISD TIA committee fully supports the development of a system that includes teachers from all levels and teaching assignments. 


Due to the rigorous requirements of the system to gain approval by both the Texas Education Agency and Texas Tech University, our initial application includes only those levels and teaching assignments where reliable and valid measures of student performance are already in practice. These assignments currently include:

Early Education - CIRCLE

K-8 - Reading, Mathematics, and Science

The inclusion of additional teaching assignments such as Fine Arts, CTE, and other grades/subjects has already begun. If you are interested in being part of this process, please contact [email protected] for more information. 


Are TIA payments to teachers TRS eligible?

Yes, compensation earned through the TIA in CSISD is TRS eligible.

How does a teacher earn a designation?

Designations are earned based upon both T-TESS (Domains II & III) and student performance (CIRCLE or MAP assessments). In accordance with state statute, local districts’ designation systems must include measures of teacher observation and student performance. CSISD will ues the criteria indicated below: 


Once a teacher earns a designation, it is added to their Texas Teaching Certification and is valid for five years, regardless of the teacher’s assignment or location. 


How much can CSISD teachers earn with TIA?

Allotments are calculated based upon three factors:

  1. Level of designation - Recognized, Exemplary, Master
  2. Need of campus - census block of students’ home address
  3. Rural or non-rural status of the school

Because allotment amounts vary by campus and are adjusted with the enrollment of students, these amounts can vary each year. Designated teachers in CSISD can expect to receive additional compensation of approximately $3,000 to $21,000 per year, depending on the designation level earned and campus where they work. 


90% of the allotment a teacher generates will go directly to that teacher’s compensation in the form of direct payment and TRS contributions. 10% will be used to support implementation of TIA in the district.

What is the timeline for implementation of TIA in CSISD?

CSISD submitted our application for a local TIA designation system in April 2021. The 2021-22 school year will serve as our district’s baseline data collection year, and results of teacher observation (T-TESS) and student performance (CIRCLE or MAP) will be submitted to Texas Tech University in summer 2022 for analysis of validity and reliability and  final approval. If our system is approved, those teachers who have met criteria for a designation will be recommended and designation payouts will begin in 2023-24. 



How will the allotments be paid?

The allotment will be paid in one lump sum during the month of August.

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